Teach your building new tricks

You could be paying less for utilities than you are now

Like most building owners, you’ve seen your operational costs increase steadily through the years. Certainly some of this increase is due to rising utility rates. But consider this:


As your building systems age, they become less efficient, less reliable and more costly to maintain. It’s been years since start up and commissioning of your HVAC and Building Automation Systems, if it was ever done at all. Your HVAC system is less reliable and efficient than when it was new. Your lighting system may be antiquated and off time is dependent on the last person to leave flicking the switch.


Discover opportunities for improving your infrastructure that will pay for themselves, improve cash flow, create value, increase comfort and provide real-time info for asset management to act upon.

Benchmark Comparison and Energy Saving Potential

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See how your building performs against regional averages and achievable goals.


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An initial energy services assessment includes:

•  A complete analysis of your utility and operational expenses

•  A comparative analysis against similar buildings in your area

•  A list of strategically targeted improvements and saving opportunities that could include building controls, system operations, heating ventilation and cooling systems, building envelope, lighting systems and security

•  A financial overview showing return on investments and payback period for each suggested energy conservation measure

Brady Energy Services Vision

At Brady  we are passionate about empowering our talented associates and partners to collaboratively identify and deliver innovative facility, financial and utility solutions. We seek clients that do business in North Carolina and share our values of integrity, quality and resource efficiency.

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