By Brad Resler

In the building services industry, great customer service isn’t just nice to have, it’s absolutely essential. Here’s why:

  1. Emergencies happen. Suddenly the AC stops working. Or the building security system goes down. Or the boiler malfunctions. During emergencies, customer service kicks in at every step, answering the distress call to the fast dispatch of a knowledgeable tech who makes sure the issue is resolved.
  2. Timing is everything. Arriving promptly and solving problems quickly directly affects the satisfaction of tenants and employees. It also impacts the bottom line when operations are shut down while waiting for repairs. Customers with preventative maintenance contracts should expect that their provider will live up to their end of the agreement without calling in to schedule, or following up with reports and invoices.
  3. Safety, not tragedy. When you’re talking about large HVAC, boiler and security systems, the level of service provided can determine the safety of people inside the building or facility.

What does it take to provide truly great customer service?

It takes an entire team.

Good organizations ensure that customer service is woven into everything they do – that everyone is invested and aligned with just one critical goal: customer satisfaction.

Streamlining processes is one key to success. This keeps the call center, schedulers, billers and techs from getting bogged down in process, freeing them to focus on satisfying customers by solving problems with speed and accuracy.

Empowering techs and field associates with the knowledge and skillset to make decisions (without constantly checking with a supervisor) is also essential. This takes hiring the right techs, making sure they’re well trained, and keeping them up to date on latest technology.

The best companies are always finding new ways to improve their service. For example, video streaming allows customers to see firsthand how their building’s equipment is operating and what maintenance has been done.

Hold times, response time to online and social media inquiries, processing time for orders, and fast turnaround for services are all important. Each one plays a role in what’s ultimately most important: making sure customers feel totally comfortable and confident in their building services partner.

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