3D Cloud Point Scanning is creating remarkable opportunities for retrofitting and mechanical documentation. This technology is used in the development of design prefabrication drawings for a customer and allows them to view a map of the final installation before the project even begins. Due to the extensive measurements created from the 3D Cloud Point Scanning, a majority of the work can be completed off-site, significantly shortening the installation duration on-site compared to conventional approaches. Brady is committed to staying at the forefront of innovation and will continue to implement tools like this to serve our customers more effectively.

Streamline Your HVAC Retrofit with 3-D Point Cloud Scanning

Before retrofitting your HVAC equipment, you’ll need accurate documentation of your building’s mechanical and electrical systems. But that can be a challenge.

Even if you have blueprints, you will probably find that existing systems were not installed as originally designed or were changed over the years – and your drawings don’t reflect the changes. This can lead to installation problems and delays.