Brady Integrated Security, a company that provides comprehensive security solutions for commercial facilities across North Carolina, is pleased to announce the addition of thermal temperature screening solutions to help businesses throughout the Carolinas further corporate safety.

Brady’s temperature detection video solutions are capable of taking highly accurate body temperature measurements (ranges of +/- 0.1C (0.18F) to +/- 0.5C (0.9F). 

They can measure the body temperature of multiple people simultaneously, allowing for fast, efficient, and safe assessment of body temperature without personal contact.

Our solution also includes an option for Artificial Intelligence (AI) facial recognition and even programmable local strobe/horn alarms.

By using thermal cameras, corporations can be more efficient, discrete, and effective in identifying persons who require further screening. This can benefit a variety of institutions, including airports, public transportation, hospitals, manufacturing, warehousing, or corporate and educational buildings.

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