Greensboro, N.C. (September 12, 2016) Brady, a company that provides energy-efficient HVAC systems and comprehensive building solutions for commercial and industrial facilities across North Carolina has been recognized on the Most Active Web Service Provider List by ENERGY STAR. Brady partnered with ENERGY STAR with the Service and Product Provider (SSP) program since April of 2014.

Jim Brady, President, commented, “We have been very engaged in helping our clients become more aware of the opportunities to save energy. Energy Star has been a great program to help build that awareness.”

Most Active Service and Product Providers (SPPs) demonstrate their expertise and achievements by meeting strict ENERGY STAR program requirements for benchmarking customer buildings, using Portfolio Manager and gaining ENERGY STAR certification for buildings. The directory is used to find Service and Product Providers that have provided the most for their clients through ENERGY STAR in the past twelve months.

Brady provides intelligent and energy saving services that monitor, analyze, and improve the performance of a building’s system to help clients align their buildings with their business mission.

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