Building Valuable Connections at the 3rd Annual NC Community College Instructor Conference

On Monday October 17, 2022 Brady Services hosted the third annual North Carolina Community College Instructors Conference. This conference began in 2019 upon the realization that community college instructors need the opportunity to gather, share, and connect with each other. It has also steadily grown in participation since its inception. The conference brought together 27 HVAC instructors from across the state for a full day of networking and learning. Brady and the local community colleges have created strong connections over the last few decades, and events such as this allow these members to grow closer as a community.

Conference attendees participated in several activities throughout the day. The 2022 event featured a presentation by the NC Department of Commerce on current shifts in North Carolina demographics and how they impact business. Attendees also participated in training, led by Brady professionals, on topics including safety in the field, moving from apprentice to technician and upcoming changes in Refrigerant, to name a few. Attendees were able to participate in valuable networking and engagement activities between instructors and peers. At a round table discussion, instructors had the opportunity to share lab and course layouts. Discussions like this lead to further improvements and efficiencies for all North Carolina community college students.

The 3rd annual North Carolina Community College Instructors Conference was a huge success for all who attended. Brady looks forward to establishing and strengthening its many community connections and is already planning for next year’s event.

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