Are you looking to select a new access control system for your facility? There are two types of systems to choose from: a wireless system or a hardwired system. By asking the right questions and evaluating the goals for the system you can confidently select the access control system that is best for your building.

Tight budget… Tight schedule? Wireless access control solutions if designed properly will result in reduced labor costs, hardware and installation time. Cable costs are almost eliminated completely.

However, you will still need special pieces of equipment specific to a wireless system, such as a wireless interface module to make everything in your system connect. Aesthetically speaking, a wireless system has the added benefit of no visible cables or boxes.

If your building is currently under construction a hardwired system could be a viable option since it would require running cable through door frames, as well as requiring the installation of conduit and pathways. It is easier for these materials to be installed while the walls are still under construction.

If you are looking to install into an existing facility, a wireless system may be a better option because it can reduce the risk of running into any unforeseen issues during installation, as a result of unexpected complications or structural issues behind existing walls.

If your facility might need to expand or modify the building layout in the future, a hardwired system can be a better option when it comes to scalability, since the architecture of the building and infrastructure could affect a wireless system. In an area where there are obstacles like thick walls or long halls, it can be difficult for a wireless reader to communicate with the system. To alleviate this challenge more repeaters and gateways may be needed, which can be more expensive than starting with a hardwired system.

A hardwired system can also be seen as a more reliable system when it comes to the security of encrypted data, simply because data is not sent via a wireless network, but wire to wire.

If you need your system to integrate with an existing system, a hardwired system maybe be your best option. Not all access lock providers have updated their product design to implement with wireless technology, so you could have more options to choose from.

The increased demand for building security and access control has left many facility managers wondering what type of system will meet the needs of their building. Taking the time to evaluate each system building use can help ensure you select the best system for your facility.

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