What if you could look deep inside your equipment to see how well it’s working – without stopping its operation or taking it apart? That’s what predictive service technology can do.

What is predictive service?

It’s equipment maintenance using technology that generates data on internal system components that can’t otherwise be checked without shutting down the system and dismantling it.

Think of what an annual physical does for you: it checks your blood pressure and performs other testing that could detect internal problems early – and potentially help you live longer. That’s what predictive service does for your equipment.

How does it work?

There are different types of predictive technology, including vibration analysis, laser alignment, acoustical analysis, and ultrasonic testing.

Data from these predictive technologies is measured against industry-based criteria to determine each piece of equipment’s working condition, as well as the type and severity of any problems.

Soon after predictive maintenance is completed, the customer receives a diagnostic report and equipment summary. This includes a quick reference guide that indicates the health of each piece of equipment – and identifies problems (if any) that were discovered.

What are the benefits? 

Here’s what you can expect with predictive maintenance:

No shutdown. Predictive service can be performed without shutting down or interfering with equipment operation.

Stay ahead of problems. This service gives you time to prioritize, schedule, and budget maintenance and repair work before a catastrophic equipment failure occurs.

Maintain control.  Maintenance and repairs can be done on your schedule – including overnight and on weekends, when it doesn’t affect the building’s occupants or business operations.

Catch problems early.  When problems are identified in the early stages, they’re more easily (and economically) corrected. Left undetected, they can result in the need for major repairs or total equipment replacement.

Extend equipment life. Well-maintained equipment with predictive service can last years longer while saving on parts and labor.

Reduce the cost of breakdowns. Predictive maintenance can reduce breakdowns 35-45%. By eliminating equipment failures, you also eliminate other costs, such as the expense of bringing in rental equipment.

When you consider that this innovative technology can lower your maintenance costs by 25% and reduce average downtime 70-75%, it just makes sense to put predictive service to work for your building.

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