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Providing advanced and affordable solutions that optimize air quality, energy consumption, and their impact on the environment.

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Indoor air quality (IAQ) in K-12 schools and higher education institutions is critical in maintaining a healthy learning environment. Dynamic’s portfolio of air quality solutions keeps students and faculty safe in the classroom, while also reducing energy and maintenance costs.


Indoor air quality (IAQ) in our community’s hospitals and healthcare facilities is more important than ever. With Dynamic’s portfolio of effective, cost-efficient, and energy-efficient solutions, we can address your IAQ needs so you can focus on your patients.

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Dynamic V8 Air Filtration Cleaning System for better Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

The Dynamic V8 air filtration system helps improve indoor air quality providing excellent contaminant control while lowering maintenance costs and total cost of ownership. This product meets the requirements of green buildings, hospitals, and special manufacturing applications.

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Benefits of the Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning System:

  • ASHRAE 52.2 MERV 14 Rating Static
  • MERV 15+ equivalency – power on
  • 45-65% first-pass TVOC removal
  • Static load from .3-.75″ allows for filter retrofit without increasing fan load
  • 1/3 of the operating costs of passive filters
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Removes Ultrafine Particles (UFPs)
  • Significant reduction of VOCs and odors
  • No need for pre-filters
  • 30% less cost of ownership over 15 years

V8 Air Filtration Applications

V8 cleaning applications air filtration
Slide outs for rooftops and packaged units
ducted enclosures
Ducted enclosures
custom air handling units
Custom air handling units

Dynamic V-Bank Sterile Sweep Air Filtration Solution

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Benefits of the Dynamic V-Bank Sterile Sweep:

  • MERV 13 Equivalency
  • 20-35% first-pass TVOC removal
  • Capture, hold and kill UVC options
  • Static load from .2-.5″, allowing for filter retrofit without increasing fan load
  • Increased dust holding capacity
  • Easy to use, maintain and replace

Dynamic Panels

Benefits of the Dynamic Panels:

  • Panels fit into existing standard system
  • MERV 13 equivalency
  • Lower pressure drop than comparable filters