Replacing your old HVAC equipment may seem pretty straightforward, but it’s more than a matter of out with the old, in with the new. Retrofit projects are highly technical and you will need a skilled provider to keep your project on track. When looking for a retrofit provider, here are five things to look for to ensure success with your project:  

1. A dedicated project manager. To eliminate wheel-spinning, you’ll want one point of contact who will be with you throughout the design and installation process. Your project manager should be experienced and knowledgeable – someone who can guide you and answer questions from beginning to end.

2. Service before and after the job. There’s nothing more frustrating than a contractor who will only install the equipment, then disappear. For peace of mind, choose a retrofit provider who can provide service and put preventive maintenance in place when the job is finished, then continue servicing the equipment after the retrofit to ensure optimal performance.

3. Warranty ownership. Look for a company that not only can provide start-up, but can also provide the installation and the factory equipment warranty. This keeps the responsibility over the project, from beginning to end, all under one roof.

4. Integration of technology. Today, this is key to ensuring that your retrofit project is completed quickly and accurately. Technology such as 3-D point cloud scanning saves valuable time and money by ensuring a fast, efficient project.

5. Experience in the industry. Choose a provider that can prove they know what they’re doing. They should have years of standing behind their work – and a proven track record of success.

Ready for a retrofit, or think you may need one in the near future? Keep these five “musts” in mind, and your building (and your budget) will reap the benefits.

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