Healthy Buildings

A Guide To Reopening Healthier Facilities

As the Southeast starts to reopen after extended stay-at-home orders, building owners and operators are addressing a multitude of concerns. Building occupants are concerned about indoor air quality. Efficient and sustainable operations are top of mind for leaders that are working to recover losses from downtime and reduced operations.

As businesses plan to welcome employees and customers back, how do they guarantee that the facilities are prepared, comfortable, and able to meet the changing expectations that come from today’s uncertain and changing environment?

As a local leader in the building services industry for over fifty-five years, Brady is here to help. Our support and expertise can help companies throughout the state confidently say they are open for business.

Building Systems Review

One of the ways to prepare to reopen a comfortable, efficient building is with a building systems review from Brady. A trained professional will take a comprehensive look at your system to make sure that when you are ready to welcome guests back in your building, it is operating as expected and as running as efficiently as possible. During this service, we will look at everything from your cooling and heating equipment to your building automation system and make recommendations to help you get ready to open as quickly as possible.

Indoor Air Quality Consultation

Confidently open your facility knowing that you have a clean and comfortable environment for employees and guests. An indoor air quality consultation from Brady will help guide your organization to address indoor air quality (IAQ) concerns using fact-based information and proven technology.

Connected Services

Being able to effectively manage and maintain your building systems remotely is an important part of providing a safe and comfortable environment as you welcome employees and customers back into your facility. Reduced contact building support can help get you ready.

Thermal Temperature Screening

A strategy to protect against future outbreaks is part of addressing evolving expectations for safety and reliability. Integrating thermal temperature screening as part of your building’s security system will allow for the screening of multiple people simultaneously without the requirement for personal contact.

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