You probably have building security. But in a world of hackers and cyber terrorism, is it really secure? Or does it simply provide a way into your company’s sensitive data?

Why integrated security?

You need a security integrator who understands both building and cyber security for two main reasons: 

  • Cyber security affects the design, installation, operations management and maintenance of your security system.
  • No system is totally secure – and the growing sophistication of hackers makes it extremely difficult to keep your system safe from them.

The lure for hackers

Why should you worry about anyone hacking your security system?  It’s not because hackers want to invade your privacy or gain entrance to your building.

Think about it. Your security cameras and access controls are connected to a local area network that connects to your company’s network. Hackers who use those cameras and control points are looking for ways into your company network, where they can steal private information – everything from social security numbers to financial records. Infiltrating your network also lets them install ransomware and malware, which represent other avenues for financial gain.

What to look for in a security integrator

An understanding of cyber security.  You need a reputable security integrator who has a working knowledge of cyber security and maintains a strong relationship with top manufacturers.

Up-front honesty. Never go with someone who claims their product does not have vulnerabilities because they all do. You want to a manufacturer and integrator who will tell you about the product’s vulnerabilities and how they will be addressed.

Hardening ability. Today, security is an ongoing process. Your security integrator should have the ability to “harden” your security products and network by continuing to reduce its surface of vulnerability. Hardening involves advanced encryption of all data coming into the advice – the higher encryption level the better.

Since encryption and other security techniques keep advancing, your security integrator should offer you a security software service agreement. This ensures you get the most recent cyber security patches and updates – and is well worth the investment to keep your company network protected. Remember, the harder you make it for hackers, the less likely you are to be attacked.

Article submitted by Matt Frandock, Security Operations Leader, Brady Integrated Security

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