As a property manager you are concerned with keeping your clients happy. Occupant comfort and tenant satisfaction drive your daily decisions to manage your portfolio of buildings. Unexpected costs and rising energy rates require you to better manage your buildings with proven proactive and predictive practices.

Service Offerings


At Brady we are proud to represent a list of proven strategic partners who manufacture high quality, energy efficient equipment. We have a complete selection of equipment to help with any client needs. Learn More

Building Automation and Controls

We install and maintain building automation systems that can help manage multiple facilities making it easier to maintain comfortable and productive building environments. Contact us to learn more.


Preventative and predictive services can help keep occupants comfortable, often allowing issues to be corrected before building occupants are even aware of a problem. Learn More

Retrofit Services

Brady’s Retrofit Services can help design and install more efficient systems to help keep energy costs low and improve net income. Learn More


Brady also provides an array of training and networking opportunities to teach ways to improve their building portfolios and keep tenant renewal rates high. Learn More

Featured Projects

Pro Med Center Enjoys Uninterrupted Service Thanks to A Savvy Property Manager and Brady Predictive Services

Pro Med Center achieves management nirvana using Brady’s Predictive Services, technology that identifies problems before they happen and without system shutdowns or interrupted service.