Reducing energy costs and improving facilities are common concerns among administrators of government buildings. Solutions to save energy and provide healthy and safe environments for visitors often require extensive planning and budgets. Brady provides clients throughout the eastern and central North Carolina with solutions that can help improve facilities while being good stewards of tax dollars and improved operations.

Service Offerings

Energy Services

Utilizing energy saving performance contracts, Brady’s energy service group have been able to help improve sustainability for facilities in the counties and cities throughout the state. Learn more about our energy services.


Updates to security systems allow for a streamlined approach to managing facilities that can be spread out throughout a city or county. Learn solutions to protect facilities.


Monitoring of energy use and building performance provides documentation to support needed investment in facilities. Learn more about our intelligent services. 

Featured Projects

Savings and Stewardship at the North Carolina Museum of Art

Brady designed technologically advanced HVAC solutions to keep visitors comfortable, save precious energy resources and spending, and protect a priceless collection for generations to come at the North Carolina Museum of Art.

Using Technology To Fight Crime

Brady Integrated Security offers expert recommendations, decisive problem solving, and technological expertise to the Wilmington Police Department as they launched the Situational Tactics and Intelligence Nexus Group Center, a real time crime center integrating technology to better fight and address crime, in 2016.

Tremendous Energy and Resource Savings for NCDOT and North Carolinians

Brady updates  North Carolina Department of Transportation buildings with a projected total savings for the 16-year contract period over $10.4 million.

City of Durham Reduces Property Loss and Break-ins with Enhanced Video Monitoring

Brady Integrated Security helps reduce property loss and attempted break-ins at 17 high risk properties. 

Students Thrive and Schools Save Thanks To Optimized Environmental Systems

Brady provides upgrades to 13 schools in a project providing a net gain to the school system of $2.6 million. 

Energy Savings and Thriving Service Thanks to Performance Contracting by Brady

Brady saves Durham County over $6 million dollars.