With over 55 years of service in our local communities, Brady is a proud supporter of higher education, partnering with colleges to help provide a quality learning environment for students. Helping colleges save energy and reduce operational costs, gives administrators the opportunity to do what they do best- focus on attracting and retaining students and faculty.

Service Offerings


Energy Services

Utilizing energy saving performance contracts, Brady’s energy service team helps improve sustainability on campuses throughout North Carolina. Learn more about our energy services.



HVAC equipment is one of the largest building assets a university can purchase. Helping maintain the equipment is our specialty. Learn more about our preventative maintenance services. 


Protecting students, faculty, and campus visitors is something Brady Integrated Security does for many clients around the state. Having a fully integrated robust security system that can automate responses during an emergency situation helps ease the minds of every person on campus. Learn more about our security integration services.

From Our Clients

Comfort, Savings, and Conservation at Edgecombe Community College

Brady replace aging, inefficient equipment while saving energy and reducing the environmental impact of the college. 

Efficiency, Scientific, and Sustainability Improvements for Fayetteville State University

Brady provides a more efficient and comfortable environment for students and staff while helping the university save over $1,010,415 during the first year of the project.