AFD R’newal Service Program

The AFD R’newal is a Trane exclusive offer that allows users to renew their liquid cooled AFDs main wear components to restore their reliability and longevity to the equivalent of a new drive. Each R’newal comes with a new nameplate and its major power components are backed by a Trane extended warranty.

An AFD R’newal is less expensive than running a drive to failure, and it allows drive wear to be handled as a budgeted capital expense rather than an unbudgeted maintenance expense.

The AFD R’newal program is the best way to detect and remedy minor problems before they become catastrophic failures. Major benefits of the program include:

  • Reliability. Power control boards, power semiconductors, and electrolytic capacitors all wear. The best way to prevent random failure is by performing a scheduled R’newal on the drive.
  • Speed. Repair of a failed AFD is never fast. Assuming the work can be scheduled (always an “if” during cooling season), an AFD failure can mean days of downtime during cooling season.
  • Factory Warranty. The factory warranty option demonstrates the high value Trane places on its AFD and the service technicians who work on them.
  • Value. A repair necessitated by chance is always more expensive than the maintenance that would have prevented it.

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