CenTraVac® R’newal Service Program

Trane R’newal service program is a factory-warranty solution that replaces worn materials, restores compressor performance and provides the same assured reliability as seen with the new CenTraVac water chiller compressor.

This program is a Trane exclusive, factory specified, field executed compressor service program that is backed by a 2 year standard parts and labor warranty with the option of a 3-5 year extended warranty on the compressor motor, bearings and lubrication system. This program allows you to meet your financial goals, improve your machines reliability, save money on operating costs, and prevent expensive unplanned failures.

How the CenTraVac R’newal Program Works

  • Replaces worn materials
  • Updates components
  • All work is field-executed (no in factory work)
  • Restores the compressor
  • Inspections of mechanical components preformed
  • Startup per original chiller specifications
  • New Trane R’newal serial number and plaque
  • Options for Earthwise Purge, CH531, and AFD Retrofit

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