IntelliPak Refresh Program

The IntelliPak Refresh service program is a factory-warranty solution to replace worn materials, restore unit performance, and provide the same reliability for the replaced materials as seen on new IntelliPak units. This program is offered for Trane IntelliPak style rooftop units built in the 1980s or later.

This program is a Trane-exclusive service program, that is backed by the same standard one-year parts warranty and optional extended parts warranties offered on new Trane equipment. The refresh program is designed for owners who wish to sustain their equipment’s reliability and efficiency over a life of 20 to 25 years or longer.

This program is customisable for customers, allowing you to choose from a simple base refresh to a comprehensive overhaul of unit compressors, heat exchangers and motors.

The base refresh generally takes technicians less than a day to install and is usually combined with other scheduled service. It includes these components:

  • Replacing materials items that commonly fail later in the unit’s life
  • Refresh materials to restore lost efficiency
  • Proactively replace components whose failure results in significant downtime
  • Install new Trane R’newal serial number and plaque

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