Controlled access has traditionally been deployed right in the building itself. As technology has progressed, this kind of card access now has some major drawbacks. First, it requires the company and their IT department to make a substantial upfront investment in the full set of hardware and software required to run the system.

But that’s just the beginning. There is also an operational investment in IT and facility resources to maintain server hardware and software, access control software, plus the many updates, revisions, and patches required to keep these platforms secure and up to date.

Then there are the cumbersome administrative duties related to personnel management – adding, deleting, and modifying access privilege.  The cost to add buildings, doors, and personnel to a locally deployed system can also be expensive and becomes an increasing drain on operational resources as the system grows and changes over time.

Local Vs. Cloud

Today, the security industry and a wide range of industries are moving to secure cloud-hosted (Software-as-a-Server aka SaaS) solutions that reduce many of the complications of locally deployed systems. If you’re considering secure access options, these cloud-based solutions can provide you with a number of very real benefits:

  1. Lower upfront cost. No dedicated server hardware or software is required for cloud-based solutions. Instead, your site is added as a private section of an existing access control platform in the ‘cloud.’
  2. Lower maintenance costs. All software upgrades, updates, and security patches are automatic and included in the yearly service fee.
  3. Higher uptime. Secure, redundant data centers are monitored 24/7/365 in a robust cloud environment.
  4. Outsourced management. Responsive, professional management of your personnel database during normal working hours can be included in the yearly service fee.
  5. Unlimited scalability. You can add as many doors, offices and users as you need at any time – without investing in additional servers or software.
  6. Lower lifecycle costs. There is less equipment and software for your IT department to purchase and replace.
  7. Instant access to your data. Access all of your system data anytime, from anywhere, and receive instant remote notifications of potentially serious security events.

These services are typically bundled into a multi-year agreement that can include additional services requested by the owner – such as training hours or on-site preventive maintenance.

It’s easy to see why cloud-based controlled access services are gaining popularity. They create less work and less upfront cost on the company’s side. Plus they foster a consultative relationship with the service provider that is based on value, where both parties benefit from an increased level of service and system performance.

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