At Brady we provide solutions for all of your building needs including HVAC systems, building services, boiler services, retrofit services, parts and training.

HVAC Systems

Beginning as an authorized franchise of the Trane Company in 1962, Brady can provide a network of resources to all of our customers, as well as access to the highest quality products available to the commercial and industrial HVAC market.

In addition to Trane, Brady also partners with other best in class manufacturers to provide products that provide solutions to meet an array of customer needs. We can provide specialized technology such as ice storage systems, swimming pool dehumidifiers, and UV lighting in addition to standard equipment and systems such as modular chillers, outside air, energy recovery units, and high-efficiency boilers. Learn More

Building Automation Systems

From small single-zone systems to enterprise-wide multi-campus environments, Brady is a premiere provider of Building Automation Systems.  Based on application requirements and customer preference, Brady deploys multiple industry leading platforms including Trane Tracer and Tridium Niagara.  Whether a new install, retrofit, optimization of an existing system or complex integration of legacy proprietary protocols – including and beyond HVAC – Brady has a proven track record of success. 

As both an equipment and controls provider, an additional benefit Brady Services brings to the table is that we understand the combined HVAC mechanical and controls system better than any other company in North Carolina.  We are a systems company, and our combined controls/equipment/systems expertise and single point of contact are of great value to our customers. Learn More

Building Services

At Brady we believe that systematic preventative maintenance on HVAC equipment can positively impact a company’s productivity and bottom line. Services provided by our building services group include preventative maintenance plans, rental services, contingency services, predictive maintenance services, and water treatment. Learn More

Boiler Services

The same principles that guided the growth and success of our HVAC business have guided our heating solutions services: a systematic preventative maintenance program impacts a company’s productivity and bottom line. We offer services to improve the efficiency of heating equipment and help our clients ensure safe operations of their facilities which include combustion analysis, burner retrofits, boiler replacements, burner and controls upgrades, heating preventative maintenance programs, and boiler rentals among other offerings. Learn More

Retrofit Services

Brady has the ability to provide solutions for a wide variety of HVAC needs from changing out old equipment to designing a new comfort or process cooling and heating system. We specialize in difficult installations and routinely work on projects that necessitate crane and helicopter lifts in order to install equipment onto tall or hard to access facilities. Learn More


To support our clients, we have six Brady Parts Centers located throughout the state. We provide parts for all Trane equipment and needed service supplies for all preventative maintenance needs. Our parts locations have access to an extensive inventory and can help locate the parts needed to reduce equipment downtime. Learn More


At Brady, we recognize the critical need to incorporate an ongoing program of skill development for technical personnel that improves productivity, promotes continuous improvement, and enhances career advancement. As an educational partner, we keep our customers up to date on changes in technology, equipment, regulations, and key industry issues with our available classes. Learn More