Hurst Industrial Boilers

Brady is proud to be an authorized representative of Hurst Industrial Boilers, providing boilers for commercial buildings throughout the Carolinas. With more than 50 years of experience designing and manufacturing solid fuel, solid waste, biomass, gas, coal, oil-fired steam and hot water boilers, Hurst helps customers from their corporate headquarters in Coolidge, Georgia.

By partnering with Hurst, Brady provides clients throughout the Carolinas with packaged boilers from 6 to 2,000 hp with pressures up to 450 psi, in fire-tube, water-tube configurations , with supporting feedwater equipment for heating and process applications. Brady will also support clients with Low NOx modular boilers and burner configurations that meet all environmental requirements for the Southeastern United States. Learn more about Brady’s Heating solutions and services


Scotch Marine (Fire Tube) Boilers

Brady is pleased to offer 2-pass, 3-pass, and 4-pass scotch marine boilers. These boilers are available in dryback, wetback, steam and hot water versions from 15 to 800 hp with pressures up to 300 psig. Hurst’s Scotch Marine boilers are rated to a 81% minimum efficiency.


3-Pass Firebox Packaged Boilers

As an authorized representative of Hurst Boiler, Brady offers the Hurst Firebox packaged boiler line. This line an efficient and flexible 3-pass boiler design which allows fuel flexibility for gas, oil, and combination gas / oil. These boilers are ASME code constructed and stamped with the thickest boiler steel in the industry. They include a unified refractory base floor, steel skids and lifting eyes. 

Series 45

Capacities From 8.5 to 813 HP 285 to 27,215 MBTU/HR. 15 PSI Steam 30 PSI Water (60 PSI Water Optional) View Brochure

Series 100

Capacities From 8.5 to 813 HP 285 to 27,215 MBTU/HR. 15 PSI Steam 30 PSI Water (60 PSI Water Optional) View Brochure

Hurst Firebox

Tubeless, Tubed, and Hand-Fired Vertical Boilers 

Hurst vertical boilers provide a high efficiency design option that lowers fuel costs and boasts a rugged construction. This vertical boiler line showcases a compact, space saving  four-pass shock proof design. 

Learn More  4VT Cyclone Hot Water, 4VT Cyclone Steam, VHF Series, VIX Series, Skid Packaged Boiler Systems


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