UV Germicidal Air Disinfection from a trusted partner


Brady is proud to be an authorized representative of Lumalier to provide UV germicidal air disinfection products to our clients in healthcare, educational, institutional, and commercial markets.  With more than 47 years of experience in the air disinfection manufacturing, Lumalier has been helping people live healthier by manufacturing environmentally-friendly UVGI equipment that is durable, attractive, and maintenance free. 


Lumalier Commercial Products

ADPL Commercial Lamps

Constructed for easy installation into the side of a standard air duct with minimum velocity drop.

BLUC Units

Utilizes reflectors to send concentrated UV energy through large air handlers for air and surface disinfection. Ideal for biotech facilities and hospitals. 

Disinfection Wall 

A Lumalier disinfection wall utilizes Phillips Intelligent Lamps.

DRU Units

Removable, slide in units for modular air handlers.


Custom designed to install into any accessible air handler space. 

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UVGI Air Sterilization

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