Cary Christian School Implements State-of-The Art Security and Safety System

Through Brady’s responsive customer service and expert, professional installation, Cary Christian School implements a state-of-the-art security system to keep people safe and buildings secure.

Pro Med Center Enjoys Uninterrupted Service Thanks to A Savvy Property Manager and Brady Predictive Services

Pro Med Center achieves management nirvana using Brady’s Predictive Services, technology that identifies problems before they happen and without system shutdowns or interrupted service. 

Using Technology To Fight Crime

Brady Integrated Security offers expert recommendations, decisive problem solving, and technological expertise to the Wilmington Police Department as they launched the Situational Tactics and Intelligence Nexus Group Center, a real time crime center integrating technology to better fight and address crime, in 2016.

Real-Time Environmental Controls and Energy Savings for 1M Square Feet of Production Facility

Brady provides an open-platform system with high-efficiency components to help a local manufacturer achieve their lean manufacturing goals while saving over $100,000 per year in energy costs. 

City of Durham Reduces Property Loss and Break-ins with Enhanced Video Monitoring

Brady Integrated Security helps reduce property loss and attempted break-ins at 17 high risk properties. 

Efficient and Reliable Power for Vidant Edgecombe Hospital

Brady installed new burners that provide with consistent 24/7 temperature control,  redundancy, and more than 10% in energy savings per year.