Systems Integration

Buildings produce massive amounts of data from their heating, cooling, lighting systems. By using the building data to take action, a building owner can use their facility as a stronger asset, further tying its contribution to the bottom line.

Connected buildings have potential. By integrating systems, clients can save time and money while improving the environment for building occupants. Connected buildings give owners and operators the option to simplify. Integration provides better control of facilities which can yield a more energy efficient building.

As owners and managers are continually asking to do more with less, an integrated building allows for supplementation from experts to support their buildings and their business mission. From remote monitoring to online support, connected systems allow an efficient partnership. Brady is an expert at systems integration helping clients merge existing systems with newer technology.

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HVAC Systems

Quality energy-efficient equipment can work together to make an efficient system that can be monitored and used to predict future energy usage. Optimizing system performance with the use of proactive maintenance and diagnostic reporting can be the result of an integrated system. Learn More

Electrical Services

Electrical retrofits allow owners to upgrade to more efficient technologies. Integrating the lighting system with the building automation system opens the door to automation schedules that reduce energy spend. Better lighting environments improve occupant comfort and productivity.  Request More Information

Security Systems

Integrating a security system into the building automation system can improve safety and security, lower operational costs, maximize the efforts of onsite resources, and improve building occupant satisfaction. An integrated system provides more leverage for building owners and ultimately more value for the security solution.  Learn More

Building Automation and Controls

Integrating a building automation system with the rest of the building systems or across a campus environment allows an organization to truly monitor and optimize their systems. Building Automation and Control Systems are seen as the backbone of any system integration.  Learn More

Retrofit Expertise

Brady is an expert in the integration of building systems. Our experience with security and HVAC systems coupled with advancements in technology allows us to help clients navigate complex integration projects and realize energy-saving, efficient solutions utilizing our in house experts for installation. Learn More