Building Automation and Systems Integration

Building Automation and Controls

Uptime of your buildings and equipment is important, day in, and day out. Expectations for increased system performance don’t always come with a budget increase. You can’t really measure efficiency if you can’t see the whole picture. The challenges any building or facilities manager faces today don’t seem to end. More than ever before, building automation systems (BAS) can help you do more with less time and dedicated resources.

An Overview of How BAS Works

Any BAS will use a network of sensors to collect information about your facility’s status and the performance of its different systems. The BAS sensors relay this information to a Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), which automate and control various systems such as HVAC, lighting, power management and security systems, to name a few.

Collecting all that information is only part of the puzzle for increasing system performance and efficiencies. As a BAS integrator, we normalize the huge volume of data the sensors collect and coordinate how different systems can most cost effectively interact with one another. Brady  makes it possible to build complex and sophisticated strategies for device operations and energy management. Ultimately, our strategies are what will significantly impact reductions in your energy and operation costs, increase occupant comfort, and prolong the life cycle of your utilities.

Open Systems Communications

It would be great if all the different systems operating in your building were compatible and spoke the same language — but they probably don’t! The best way to overcome that hurdle is to have your BAS integrator implement a control system that normalizes all of the BAS data to a common platform, allowing for graphics centralization and communication between dissimilar systems.  The different equipment manufacturers for the components of your building’s systems may deliver control information through varying protocols such as BACnet ®, LonTalk ® or even legacy, proprietary protocols. Your BAS integrator needs to be qualified to integrate disparate protocols and system types to give you an accurate picture of how your building is running, maximize operational and energy efficiencies, and identify where problem areas might be.

Connected Service by Brady

Connected service is a technology and service package that delivers comprehensive information directly to you. Our expert team gathers and analyzes data from your BAS, lighting, energy metering, and other systems to make effective building management decisions. Our technicians can install a connection device in less than an hour.

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