Empower your organization with connected buildings

Benefits of connected buildings

Your building cannot function at optimum performance without HVAC system expertise and analytics to help you make sense of the data. The team at Brady continues to lead our industry, and we have been creating new tools to help building managers like you take advantage of all this technology.

Brady can help clients get the most out of their BAS. Our team can help you understand what is happening with your HVAC system. When system data is compiled, analyzed, and turned into insights it can visually demonstrate your building’s performance and point out areas of improvement. Instead of reacting to issues, you can stay ahead of many of them.  You will be able to:

  • Optimize energy costs
  • Reduce downtime and on-site service visits
  • Enhance comfort and productivity
  • Improve system-wide decision making


The Brady Difference

At Brady, we combine the speed and expertise you rely on from our skilled technician team with proven cloud-based services. Our team installs a small box which allows us to access the data from your Building Automation System. We can create customized diagnostics and alerts that go beyond the ability of your BAS to fit the needs of your building and your business. Installation of the  hardware takes less than an hour and can be scheduled during your next preventative maintenance visit.

In one sense, this is something we’ve been developing for over 55 years, long before building automation or SMART buildings were something anyone envisioned. Our service isn’t just cutting-edge technology, it comes with all the HVAC expertise we have cultivated over the years and our customers expect from us.

As a result, you will receive:

Remote technical support

Just like our service technicians, our virtual team is trained and ready to troubleshoot any issue that arises. Alarms can often be addressed remotely to reduce downtime and avoid an on-site service call. When an on-site service call is required, the dispatched technician is briefed by the virtual team, which reduces overall repair time.

Critical alarm routing

Our virtual services team works with each client to define the alarm responses required to support your facility operations. This ensures your staff is immediately informed about serious issues, and predefined actions are taken to reduce downtime and increase productivity.

Customized reports

Customized reporting

Periodic inspection reports will be delivered on a schedule customized to meet your needs. You’ll spend less time digging through the data and more time using the insights to improve your building performance.

Getting Connected

Brady gives you the insight you need into your building automation system to truly manage your facility with confidence. Since each building is unique, we have found that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t benefit our customers. The price of our service depends on a variety of factors related to your building’s size and number of systems, as well as the frequency of reporting and the level of critical alarm routing required.

Being connected to Brady is now standard in our offering, so the price will be bundled into your service agreement with no upfront cost and represents just a fraction of your overall investment.

To learn more, read our frequently asked questions or talk to your Brady technician or account manager. You can also call us at (800) 849-1915 to request more information or simply fill out the form below and someone will be in touch.