Trane Supply Opens Parts Store and Distribution Hub in Morrisville, NC

Brady Trane, the exclusive commercial authorized Trane representative in central and eastern North Carolina, has expanded its Parts & Supply business, Trane Supply, in the Triangle. The new 28,000 sq ft store and distribution center is located in Morrisville, NC and is now open for business. This strategically located hub is designed to enhance inventory capabilities and optimize the distribution process for Trane Supply’s extensive network of parts stores across the state.

Serving as a centralized operation hub for Trane Supply in North Carolina, this state-of-the-art facility will offer an extensive selection of HVAC equipment and parts to meet the diverse needs of our customers. From compressors and motors to filters and beyond, Trane Supply prides itself on providing top-of-the-line products carefully crafted to deliver exceptional performance and reliability. With decades of industry experience, Trane Supply has cemented its reputation as a leading provider of HVAC equipment and parts, setting the bar for excellence in the industry.


    Trane Supply

    401 Kitty Hawk Drive, Morrisville NC

   +1 (919) 232-5700


We are excited to introduce our new equipment parts store and distribution hub in Morrisville. This expansion enables us to better serve our customers through increased inventory and optimized distribution. The establishment of this new hub exemplifies our unwavering commitment to delivering top-quality products and services.

Chris Sharp

Parts Leader, Trane Supply

The launch of the equipment parts store and distribution hub in Morrisville represents yet another milestone in Trane Supply’s continued growth and commitment to serving the HVAC community in North Carolina. By expanding our infrastructure and streamlining our distribution process, we aim to better meet the needs of our valued customers efficiently and effectively.

For additional information about Trane Supply and our comprehensive range of products and services, please visit the Trane Supply page on our website.

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