One of the goals of many building owners is to have an efficient and well-run building that contributes to the overall business mission. They are concerned with life costs and system performance of one of the largest capital assets, the building’s HVAC system.

The Benefits of an EarthWise Design Approach

EarthWise systems are sustainable systems that deliver measureable, superior performance at a lower operating cost. An EarthWise system performs at the highest levels of energy efficiency, reduces emissions of all types to the lowest possible level, and has a documented, sustainable performance.

EarthWise system design allows an owner to utilize today’s efficient equipment designed to operate seamlessly within the HVAC system. The increased efficiency of refrigeration systems allows an owner to optimize air and water flows and lower pump and energy fan use. By optimizing the system flow owners can reduce the size of fans, piping, pumps and ductwork resulting in a lowered first cost for the project.

In addition to adding the obvious, more efficient, equipment like Trane’s CenTraVac chiller, owners can utilize new products like CDQ (Cool Dry Quiet), plenum fans, thermal storage, wireless zone systems and parallel fan powered VAV boxes.

The addition of new flexible, prepackaged control systems with intuitive interfaces allow owners to increase sustainability of the system by using proven, optimized control sequences. Interactive dashboards remove the mystery from system operation and allow building managers to document building performance and energy savings.

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