Welcome to Brady

Celebrating over 57 years in business Brady is headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina with locations in Raleigh, Durham, Fayetteville, and Wilmington. Founded in 1962 by Chairman Don Brady, the company remains a family-owned enterprise, today employing over 450 associates.

We work with building owners, facility managers, developers, architects, engineers and contractors providing sustainable, comprehensive building solutions for commercial and industrial facilities. We provide customers with a diverse range of HVAC and building solutions including building automation, energy conservation, green design, performance contracts, access controls, security, mechanical systems, parts and supplies, as well as world-class technical support.

Our History

The origin of the Brady organization goes back to 1962 when Don Brady and his wife moved to North Carolina and purchased a franchise for the distribution of Trane commercial equipment. With the entrance of air conditioning in the south, local tobacco and textile leaders had begun to realize they could enhance their production by controlling the humidity in their production facilities.

Don Brady recognized early on that if you were going to be in the distribution business of mechanical equipment you also needed to have a way to service that equipment. As a result, Don started a small service organization to start up and repair Trane air conditioning units.

The business continued to expand to include a parts business to supply parts to the service company. In the late 1970s as the cooling industry migrated from pneumatic controls to electrical mechanical controls and direct digital controls, the Brady organization started focusing on taking care of systems which were connected by the building automation control systems.

When the need for energy efficiency grew in the late 90s clients needed help comparing options to repair or replace equipment. The industry was also faced with the phase out of the early refrigerants which made comparisons and planning even more complicated. The Brady organization expanded to include an in-house contracting group to help clients change out old equipment or design new comfort or process cooling and heating systems.

A few years later in 2001, Brady’s Energy Services group launched to advise customers on how to save money on their utilities. Brady now is more than just an equipment or service company, providing solutions to help clients manage their entire building, from HVAC solutions to comprehensive security, loss prevention, and access control solutions to our clients.

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