Brady is the domain expert in end-to-end building service solutions. With over 55 years of experience working with the healthcare, education, government, and manufacturing industries, we are experts at providing comfortable, safe, and secure facilities. Our 450+ associates are driven by caring for our customers and the communities in which they live and work every day.

At Brady, we know that a building is a unique asset to your business. That’s why we bring high-performance solutions that can meet your building’s requirements every day. Serving the central and eastern North Carolina, our experts are equipped with the knowledge, tools, and innovative technology to maintain efficiencies and solve problems when they occur quickly. From equipment service, preventative maintenance, controls, security, and retrofit we are the complete partner for your building’s success.

Brady combines the speed and expertise you rely on from Brady’s skilled technician team with proven cloud-based services. The result is a complete solution that empowers you with a connected building. You will receive remote technical support, alarm monitoring, and customized reports. 

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Boiler Services

From combustion analysis to burner retrofits and boiler replacements, we have solutions for any building heating requirements. Our heating preventative maintenance program provides the same level of service and reliability we offer for cooling equipment programs.

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HVAC Services

Brady offers a range of preventative maintenance options that can be tailored to a client’s specific needs. We have a vast array of diagnostic services available to predict problems before they become an issue.

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We understand the desire to improve profitability and can help incorporate security solutions into day-to-day operations for an enhanced business outcome. Our team is experienced in customizing solutions to meet client needs with proven video surveillance, access control and fire & life safety technology.

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Brady provides a wide variety of HVAC retrofit needs, from replacing old equipment to designing your new comfort or process cooling and heating system. Our team of engineers, designers, project managers, solutions sales professionals, and estimators can design and install the right solution to fit for any facility.

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Predictive Services

It can cost a company thousands of dollars for each hour the production line is down for repairs. Utilizing predictive services can help minimize lost production time and help plan for the inevitable.

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Water Treatment

Your system’s water condition can have a major impact on operating costs, energy usage, water usage, as well as system life and reliability. Brady provides water treatment services to complement your existing service program designed to maximize your building’s efficiency. We offer customized programs for boilers, cooling towers, feed water tanks, closed loop systems, condensate pipes, and chillers.

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Controls Service

Mechanical equipment needs periodic servicing and maintenance to keep working optimally, and your Building Automation System (BAS) is no different. Left unmonitored, your system can stop running as originally designed and result in comfort complaints and wasted energy. Regular building use over time, along with changes to software, HVAC mechanical performance, and weather conditions can cause these control components to drift out of calibration. Controls service can maintain the system design and protection of your original investment, adjust the system to meet your business needs, find areas for system performance improvement and help avoid unplanned failures and obsolescence.

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Intelligent Services

Brady Intelligent Services enable buildings by taking data produced by building systems and translating them into actionable, outcome-oriented recommendations that help clients realize their business mission. Services include remote monitoring, diagnostics, energy management, and resource management.

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