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Are you responsible for the security and technology integration for your building?


Wanting to increase visibility around your properties?


Unaware of who and when someone is entering your building?


Wishing you had a single access control solution?


Wishing you had control over your building remotely? 

 solutions that are easy to use and integrate into your existing IT system or access control system.

Access Control

Manage access to facilities critical to the operation of your business anywhere in the world and increase efficiency by using a consultative approach that includes a full risk assessment of your facility.

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Video Surveillance

Protect your company’s most important assets with video surveillance and change the way you manage production for your organization.

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Fire & Life Safety

Reduce mass casualties with mass notification systems, including one-way communication, two-way communications, and command control. 

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If you’re in charge of your building’s security, you probably know how important it is to mitigate risk by keeping the building secure and your employees and customers safe. 
You may have purchased tools or services in the past that didn’t solve the problems you thought they would – or maybe those tools didn’t integrate well with the other platforms your building depends on.

With so many options, customizations, and constant advancements in security technology, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure of which systems make the most sense for your property and your budget. 

How much different would you feel if you had an integrated security partner in the business to guide you through the process? 

As a company with multiple building sites and a large fleet of service trucks, we know how much of a headache integrating all of your technology can be. We value our 430+ employees, and their safety is our main responsibility.  
So in 2012, we saw an opportunity to develop a better technology solution. One that created efficiency, improved security and focused on the safety of our employees, customers, and properties.  Almost a decade later, Brady is still the industry leader in integrated technology. We’ve learned, in addition to risk mitigation, effective use of security technology can transform the profitability of your business using a data-driven strategy. 

Explore the possibilities of working with one of the fastest-growing integrators in the southeast.

Complete a Needs Assessment

Start by completing our easy online form so we’ll be ready to talk about your needs on our very first call. 

Schedule a Security Consultation

We’ll come out to your location to learn all about your current systems and help you determine what solutions are best for your building.  

Receive a Custom Technology Solution

We’ll create a customized plan for your building that integrates with your technology and simplifies your security control.

Focus on Running Your Business

With the proper programming, visibility, and security service partner to maintain your systems, you can focus on working IN your building, not working ON your building. 

With thousands of integrated solutions installed to date, we have experience finding the right solutions to fit your business needs.

The Cost of Doing Nothing K-12

The Cost of Doing Nothing K-12

When it comes to benchmarking and tracking your building’s energy consumption, data is vital. It’s important to collect and understand your data and stay abreast of data usage trends so you know what you are paying for.

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The What, How, and Why Regarding Mass Notification Systems

The What, How, and Why Regarding Mass Notification Systems

A mass notification system (MNS) is a platform that sends one-way messages to get important information to a large number of people. Familiar attention-getters such as fire alarms and tornado sirens are MNS, as is the Amber Alert system. There are many other...

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