Brady has collaborated with the 3rd Special Forces Group to create the Brady Trane Scholarship in Honor of Al Kuhnemann.

Al Kuhnemann
Vice President- Equipment & ICS

The scholarship, named in honor of veteran and long-time Associate, Al Kuhnemman, provides a merit-based post-secondary educational grant to a child or spouse of a current and veteran Special Forces Soldier. The scholarship will be awarded annually through the 3rd Special Forces Group’s continuing education program. 

The scholarship, named, in honor of associate Al Kuhnemann, honors Kuhnemann’s service to the country and his leadership within the Brady organization for over 50 years while also changing the life of a military family member.

Jim Brady, President and CEO, has always recognized the importance of a quality education. “Brady is proud to have the opportunity to assist in furthering the education of the families of our military men and women. Over 18% of our workforce are veterans and so, when the opportunity came about to support military families and honor Al, we couldn’t pass it up.”

About the 3rd Special Forces Group (SFG): The 3rd Special Forces Group (SFG) is the most decorated Special Forces Group since September 11, 2001. On January 12, 2017, the 3rd SFG Warrior Fund was founded to fill a gap that previously existed in this community by existing emergency relief institutions. We identified a lack of direct, external response to the needs of 3rd SFG and the coordination of other non-profits in this support. Their mission is to enrich the lives and support the needs of the 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne). They accomplish this by leveraging resources with and through charitable organizations, friends of the group, and other resources as necessary to support those at the forefront of our national defense, their families, and alumni.