Our security associates recently achieved something truly remarkable. Together, they have collectively traveled an astonishing 401,927 miles, all while maintaining a flawless safety record for the past 49 months. This remarkable accomplishment is a testament to the unwavering commitment to safety and the incredible dedication of each and every member of the Brady Integrated Security team.

For 1500 days or 49 months, the team has prioritized safety above all else. They have implemented and adhered to high standards, rigorous training programs, and strict protocols to protect themselves and those they serve. This unwavering dedication has resulted in an accident-free environment that all can be proud of.

What makes this achievement even more extraordinary is the amount of travel undertaken—over 401,927 miles. Whether it was installing new equipment or providing top-notch service, our team has demonstrated exceptional professionalism and vigilance throughout every mile.


The team gathered on Friday, October 20th, to celebrate this momentous milestone. It was an afternoon filled with good food and friendly competition. Nothing says we rocked at safety more than an afternoon of axe throwing and corn hole! As we aimed for that bullseye, we also reflected on the countless hours and miles we have traveled together, ensuring the safety of each other, our customers and our communities.



We believe that recognition plays a vital role in fostering a positive safety culture, and this event is a reflection of that belief. By acknowledging and celebrating our achievements as a team, we continue to inspire one another, build camaraderie, and reinforce the importance of maintaining our accident-free record.

Here’s to many more accident-free months and miles ahead!

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