Experience Unmatched Cooling Power with Our Range of Chillers: From 10 Tons to 1000 Tons



Air-Cooled Chiller Rentals

Whether it’s an emergency shutdown or planned maintenance, our cooling systems can get you back up and running in no time. Perfect for industrial and commercial markets, our systems provide cooling for both process and comfort applications.

Choose from our range of 10-500 ton systems with features like integral pumps, circuit breaker or fused disconnect, and 0° – 65° F water. We also offer 10 ton process chillers to meet your specific needs. 

CGAM Air-Cooled Scroll Chiller

Series R® Helical Rotary Chiller

Ascend™ Air-Cooled Chiller

Water-Cooled Chiller Rentals

Need temporary backup or added capacity? Our water-cooled chillers are modified for easy installation and provide fast cooling solutions. With larger tonnage in a smaller footprint, they’re perfect for large process and comfort cooling applications that require higher efficiency equipment.

Our chillers are weatherized for outdoor use and come in 250-1,000 ton Centrifugal R-123 models with circuit breaker or fused disconnect options.

Water-Cooled Helical Rotary Chiller

CenTraVac® Water-Cooled Chiller

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