Fire & Life Safety

Protect People

How do your fire and life safety systems hold up to today’s standards and code requirements? Can they integrate into your overall security plan for your organization? Effective emergency response depends on complex and coordinated interaction between systems. Is your system able to customize scripted responses to the various emergency events?  Brady Integrated Security provides a customized and fully integrated solution to meet your needs in today’s changing world.

Mass Notification

Is your notification system capable of providing real-time information to all building occupants or personnel in the immediate vicinity of a building during emergency situations? To reduce the risk of mass casualties, how do you notify building occupants of threats and action required to maintain a safe campus? We are experienced in each type of mass notification system including one-way communication, two-way communications, and command and control. Ask us for a review of your current system.


Testing and Inspection

When was the last time you tested your emergency voice alarm communications (EVAC) system? System integration makes the testing inspection process even more critical to the success of your mass notification system. Brady Integrated Security provides testing and inspection services by certified technicians to help you avoid ever having to say the words, “if we had only been able to warn people.”


Preventative Maintenance

Protect your security investment by asking us about a preventative maintenance agreement. No need to worry about unexpected cost of repairs or replacement. By adding a service plan for your equipment, you can proactively asses your system’s ability to respond in the event of a true emergency.

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