Real-Time Environmental Controls and Energy Savings for 1M Square Feet of Production Facility

Since its founding in 1964, Commonwealth Brands has grown to be one of the largest tobacco manufacturing and distributing companies in the United States. Their state-of-the-art facility in Reidsville, North Carolina, has more than 1M square feet under-roof, and closely controlling the indoor environment of the building is key to producing high-quality tobacco products.

Mr. Tommy Pruitt, Site Engineer at Commonwealth, and his team do a great job of monitoring and adjusting the environmental system as needed. He did, however, find it increasingly time-intensive and difficult as the facility’s environmental system aged and passed the 20-year mark. Even finding replacement parts for some of the older components became extremely difficult.

Mr. Pruitt kept his management apprised of the situation, and they all soon realized the environmental system and controls needed to be completely overhauled and upgraded. They astutely understood that in addition to ensuring that product quality was optimized, the upgrades could also provide significant energy savings if done right.

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