Successful Roundtable Events Spark Collaboration

We are pleased to share the tremendous success of our recent Roundtable events hosted by Brady. Over the course of four days, we had the privilege of welcoming training and HR professionals from our North American Trane Franchise Holder (NATFH) partners. The events brought together teams from Damuth, Boland, and Hunton, both in-person and virtually, in a spirit of collaboration and knowledge sharing.

The primary focus of the Roundtable events was to foster collaboration among participants and facilitate the exchange of ideas and knowledge. The events exceeded our expectations in achieving this goal. The level of engagement and active participation from all teams was truly remarkable.

Training Roundtable Highlights

Lively discussions took place, covering a range of topics such as Learning Management Systems, Mentorship programs, Customer Training, and best practices. The sharing of ideas, experiences, and insights during these sessions was invaluable. It was apparent that our common goal is to continuously improve our course offerings, update our programs, and enhance our training processes.



HR Roundtable Highlights

In this engaging forum, participants delved into various topics such as recruitment, onboarding, employee engagement, and leadership training, among others. The discussions were refreshing, with attendees sharing their own experiences and providing valuable insights to support one another’s ideas and initiatives. The dynamic group were all passionate about driving positive change within their organizations and helping eachother to do so.

We had a wonderful time gathering with our Franchise partners over the course of the week, sharing best practices and creating lasting partnerships. We all gained so much from each other, moving forward we plan to meet quarterly!

Joanna Stone

VP Human Development, Brady Services

Lessons Learned

The knowledge shared and lessons learned in both events will undoubtedly contribute to our ongoing success. By collaborating and learning from one another, we strengthen our entire workforce and elevate training excellence.

Those in attendance decided to establish recurring virtual meetings throughout the year. These meetings will help sustain the momentum gained from the Roundtables and promote continuous collaboration, even in a remote setting.

Stay tuned for further developments and initiatives that will build upon the achievements of these events. The future looks bright as we continue to grow and excel together.

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