Video Surveillance

Protect Profits

How much do you depend on your video surveillance system to protect your company’s most important assets?  A video surveillance system requires more than just the latest in camera technology to be successful. System design is a critical component often overlooked by companies as they implement video surveillance solutions. Brady Integrated Security can match the right technology to meet your organization’s needs.

We have solutions that are easy to use and integrate into your existing IT system or access control system. We have experience with adding analytics and other applications to enhance the effectiveness of your system.

Video Analytics

How is technology working to improve your security system? From basic to advance analytic applications, Brady Integrated Security can utilize best-in-class products to isolate specific situations and send customized alerts to designated personnel. From crowd control to national security the applications are unlimited.

Hosted Services

Looking for a trouble-free, efficient solution to monitor your facilities? Resource issues are a thing of the past with our hosted services plans. By connecting to Brady’s monitoring service you will always have eyes on your facility even when you are away.


Improve Production

Video surveillance can change the way you manage production for your organization. Improvements in camera resolution and technology allow for strict quality control. Redeploy your resources to areas that require attention and let video monitoring prevent thousands of dollars in lost production cost.