Last year, during the confusion and uncertainty of the pandemic, Brady took a step of renewed hope and commitment by partnering with the 3rd Special Forces Group Warrior Fund. Brady established the Brady Trane Scholarship specifically for Warrior Fund recipients in honor of Al Kuhnemann, a veteran of Brady and the U.S. Armed Forces. The scholarship provides a merit-based post-secondary educational grant to a child or spouse of a current or veteran 3rd Group soldier.

Brady continues their commitment this year, and the recipients were glowing with happiness during the June 4th awards ceremony!

The U.S. Army’s 3rd Special Forces Group is the most decorated Special Forces Group since the September 11, 2001, attack on our country. Since that infamous day, these Green Berets and their families have borne a heavy burden in the war against terror as the soldiers are deployed into dangerous locations and situations.

Since 2018, the Warrior Fund has awarded $245,000 in scholarships to 3rd Group families, and 2021 was a banner year! The Warrior Fund awarded $85,000 in scholarships to 42 scholars this year. Thirty-five of the scholarships were awarded to the children of Soldiers, and seven were awarded to spouses.

“With the grateful donation from 3rd Group’s special warrior fund, I’ll be able to pursue my goal of graduating from ECU with a bachelor’s in Political Science. Lastly and most importantly, this scholarship will support my future career as an officer in the United States Army. Thank you for your utmost support.”


The recipients are using their awards to pursue a range of studies—from education to the sciences, engineering to medical fields, and more. They recognize how their awards will help them to be able to focus on their studies, volunteer in their community, and even become a future donor to the Warrior Fund.

As one recipient says, “Thank you for believing in me as I strive to make a difference in health care.”

The Warrior Fund has set a goal of $100,000 in scholarship awards in 2022, and Brady will be part of making that happen. What Brady’s founder expressed in 2020 is still true today: Brady is proud to support the families of our military men and women!