Controls Services

While mechanical equipment needs periodic servicing and maintenance to keep working optimally, so does your Building Automation System (BAS). Left unmonitored, your system can stop running as originally designed and result in comfort complaints and wasted energy. Regular building use over time, along with changes to software, HVAC mechanical performance and weather conditions can cause these control components to drift out of calibration. A preventative maintenance agreement for your controls system can maintain the system design and protection of your original investment, adjust the system to meet your business needs, find areas for system performance improvement and help avoid unplanned failures and obsolescence.

We can provide clients with the ability to integrate their systems. Benefits to your facility would include freedom of choice and ability to expand systems for other applications like fire, security and power monitoring. We support Trane and all of Trane’s products including Summit, Tracer SC, Tracer ES, Tracer Ensemble, and Tracker.

To achieve maximum benefits of your building automation system we provide training classes on controls related topics with our hosted training classes. We can help you make sure your facility has trained operating personnel on site to achieve optimum occupant comfort at the lowest possible energy cost.

Tracer Ensemble Demo

Tracer Ensemble is a powerful web-based solution that gives you an enterprise management view into all your building control systems. Tracer Ensemble, the online answer to facility-wide building control, enables better decision making, provides easy integration and compatibility, offers superior performance and cost savings, while delivering a positive return on investment.

To visit the Tracer Ensemble Web Server Internet demonstration, go to

Type the following username and password at the login screen, being sure to use the correct case:
Username: SalesDemo
Password: DemoSales