Contracting Services

Brady’s in-house contracting group to install or change out equipment for clients, providing a one-stop solution. We have the ability to provide solutions for a wide variety of HVAC needs, from changing out old equipment to designing your new comfort or process cooling and heating system.

Our Expertise

We specialize in the installation of chillers, cooling towers, and packaged HVAC systems. Our installation capabilities include:

    • Packaged rooftop units (3- 130 tons)
    • Split systems (1/2 – 120 tons)
    • PoolPak dehumidification systems
    • Complete VAV duct distribution systems
    • Chilled and hot water piping
    • Steam and condensate piping
    • Process piping systems
    • Chemical exhaust systems
    • Economizers
    • Cooling towers
    • Air-cooled and water-cooled chillers
    • Refrigeration piping: process piping, split systems, and comfort cooling jobs
    • Custom-made skid packages

    Your single-source solution provider

    Cut Downtime and Costs with Fabrication

    Located in Greensboro, North Carolina, our fabrication shop allows the Brady team to put together equipment prior to installation in a controlled environment. This allows us to plan out every part of the installation prior to execution resulting in less downtime for your facility.

    FARO Laser Scanning

    Brady’s FARO Focus Laser scanner allows us to provide precise documentation and modeling of mechanical equipment rooms and project sites. This minimizes mistakes commonly made in the prefabrication process and documents project details and provides accurate and detailed drawings of the new systems.

    Helicopter Lifts for Installations

    Brady is one of the most experienced installers for replacement retrofit units that are not accessible because of a large building footprint. We have completed over 200 helicopter lifts since 1997.

    Specialized Piping Experience

    Brady welders are ASME certified and can install jacketed pipe, double-wall hot oil systems, or pipe inside pipe.

    Comprehensive Piping and Ductwork Projects

    We provide service from start to finish- from design and layout using sound piping practices to installation, start-up, and commissioning.

    Stainless Steel Welding Expertise

    Brady welders can install stainless steel piping for corrosive environments.

    Brady in Action

    What does it take to remove a 20-year-old rooftop unit and replace it with an efficient new 200-ton DX Cooling Season4 unit? We’ll show you the entire installation process in this one-minute video – and reveal how it was all accomplished in a single day!