At Brady, our business is first and foremost a people business. On any given day across almost all of our service and project teams, we are challenged with having enough people in the right places at the right times to meet the needs of our customers. Long term, when considering our aging workforce, the relative lack of young people coming into the trade, and the increasing demand for our services that we anticipate having in the years to come, one of the most significant risks to the business is not being able to source and develop the talent needed to deliver premier service to all of our current and future customers.

To attract and retain Brady’s workforce of the future, we are recently launched the Brady Mentorship Program (BMP). Under the leadership of Jim Kehoe, Brady’s Director of Training and Development, a BMP Development Committee was formed to create the criteria for Mentor selection and assist in designing all aspects of the program’s structure. During BMP kickoff meeting with our initial cohort of Mentors held on February 28, the “why” behind creating this program was shared and the roles and expectations for both Mentors and Mentees were discussed.

In April, fifteen Mentees from our Regional Support and Development (RSD) Teams in the Triad and Raleigh-Durham regions will begin the program. Following its successful implementation, the BMP will be built out for other areas of the company.  

Here’s how it works

To increase technician knowledge and capabilities, BMP offers four distinct training evolutions. Evolutions will be designed to last approximately six months and include:

  • Online training requirements
  • Instructor led workshops specific to each module
  • On the job training requirements designed to demonstrate the skills and competencies required in each of the training evolutions

Performance and progress of Mentees will be measured through standard assessments, review processes, and defined metrics. Mentees will be promoted to Level 1Technicians upon successful completion of all BMP requirements.

In addition to accelerating Brady’s early career technicians, BMP will also create a more safety-first, people-focused, and team-oriented culture across the company.  This program will benefit everyone involved, and we are excited to watch it unfold.

Interested parties can contact Jim Kehoe, for more information.

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