Efficient and Cost Effective Ways to Heat and Cool Large Spaces

Brady is proud to be an authorized representative of Johnson Air Rotation to provide air rotation systems to our clients who have  warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing and processing facilities, product sensitive storage, sports complexes, aircraft hangars, retail wholesale clubs, gymnasiums, indoor agriculture, and any other application that needs to evenly condition large spaces.

Since 1921, Johnson Air- Rotation HVAC Systems has been a leading manufacturer of HVAC products for many other large, open-spaced industrial buildings. Johnson’s revolutionary Air- Rotation technology provides the most energy-efficient way to heat, cool, and ventilate open spaces in buildings.

What is Air Rotation? 

Air rotation is a cost-effective efficient solution for large open spaces that need conditioned air. This flexible solution takes a ductless approach while using grade mounted, vertical air handlers to regulate the environment. Any single-zone space with at least 20,000 ft2 with at least 15 ft ceilings is a possible candidate for air rotation.

Benefits of Air Rotation


Clients that utilize air rotation realize utility savings between 30 – 70% versus traditional HVAC options. Air rotation systems require lower fan motor horsepower which further reduces utility costs.

Cost Savings 

No ductwork means no additional rooftop support, fewer hookups, and a quicker installation which reduce installation costs. Air rotation systems frequently have a lifespan of 30+ years due to high quality construction and components.

Reduced Maintenance

Easy maintenance protocol on units that are at ground level reduces maintenance related costs.  


Vertical temperature control eliminates the hot and cold spots with constant air cycling resulting temperature differences of less than a few degrees from ceiling to floor.

Johnson Air-Rotation General Specifications

One Johnson Air-Rotation System Capacity

  • 150,000 square feet conditioned with a single system
  • Up to 6,250 MBH per heating system
  • Up to 450 tons per cooling system (cooling and humidity control)
  • Up to 170,000 CFM per system
  • Full economizer capability, 0-100% outside air

Air-Rotation System Cooling Sources

  • DX
  • Chilled water/glycol
  • Evaporative cooling
  • Ammonia

Air-Rotation System Heating Sources

  • Natural gas
  • Propane
  • #2 Oil or dual fuel
  • Steam
  • Hot water
  • Electric coil
  • Heat pump

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