Obtain Advanced Energy Savings with Annexair

A Company with Advanced Energy Recovery Technologies

Annexair is focused exclusively on designing and manufacturing high-quality, energy-efficient air handling systems. Most of their product lines incorporate a variety of advanced energy recovery technologies which are designed for commercial, institutional, and industrial applications. Since founding Annexair in 1998, entrepreneur Francois Lemieux has developed extensive knowledge from the best European HVAC manufacturers. This is entirely reflected throughout the organization and in every product. Annexair represents a new generation of manufacturers that do not follow conventional trends; everything here is carefully planned, evaluated, and validated.

Energy-Efficient Air Handling Systems with Annexair

  • ERU Units are designed for energy recovery
  • MAU Units are designed for projects that require 100% make-up-air
  • AHU Units are designed for projects where a conventional air handling unit is required.

Starting from a standard Energy Recovery Ventilator equipped only with a heat wheel and two fans, Annexair has the ability to add any type of cooling or heating device and integrate the latest technologies of air-cooled condensers or water-source heat pump systems you may require.
Their capacity range varies from 2,000 CFM to 100,000 CFM and can be combined with a condensing unit that provides between 10 to 300 tons of cooling.

Expertise from a Trusted Partner

  • Corrosion Resistant Cabinets – Composites – “Thermo” & “BIO”
  • Light Weight Construction – 20-30%
  • Air-to-Air Heat Exchanger Technologies
  • EC Fan Array – Larger sizes available
  • DX – Refrigeration up to 300 tons
  • Air Source / Water Source Heat Pumps
  • Heating – Gas, Electric, Water or Steam
  • Air Temperature Controls – BAC or LON
  • Humidification – Live Steam, Atmospheric , Ultrasonic
  • Custom Design Replacement Units

Market Solutions

Schools, Pharmaceuticals, Pools, Government, Hospitals, Data Centers, Casinos, Public Buildings, Museums, and much more.

Annexair Commercial Products


This Hygienius construction represents the best option for healthcare centers, educational institutions, grow-ops or greenhouses, natatoriums, and any other buildings requiring corrosion resistance, high quality and hygienic HVAC requirements.

This revolutionary concept offers the best of both worlds: unsurpassed quality and economical pricing similar to conventional steel units.

  • Double-wall polymer core with foam insulation, aluminum skin on both sides, and PVC trim
  • 2-in thick with R-14 insulation factor
  • Certified foam made of special polystyrene with 30% recycled content
  • Exterior & interior finished with a PVDF 3000 hrs salt-spray resistant coating
  • Monocoque construction to avoid internal mold or mildew


Built a better product while respecting planet biodiversity. The innovative system is the ultimate solution:

  • The first 100% metal-free casing construction, no matter the size
  • Zero metal, zero thermal-bridge, zero condensation
  • Innovative green stiff-core insulation made from recycled plastic bottles thanks to Biosourced Reinforced Engineered composite panels
  • Rust is impossible due to the absence of steel
  • 40 to 60% less weight than a steel casing
  • Microban® antimicrobial coating for all inside and outside casing panels including all unit polymer plastic parts
  • Bathtub-style round edge floor corners making easy to clean and for hygienic purposes
  • Extra UV protection against outdoor chemicals and environment pollutants
  • Screws replaced by industrial-grade bonding, the first screwless HVAC unit construction
Annexair took the eco-innovation concept even further by using recycled plastic water bottles as the casing insulation core, surpassing by far any type of insulation, while using thick reinforced glass fiber mats for the entire casing skins, including walls, the roof’s internal partitions, and the floor.

Biocomposite Unit Launch in Orlando

During the AHR event held in Chicago in 2013, Annexair launched the World’s first Thermo-composite HVAC system and raised the bar at a level where no manufacturer was capable to compete against, still today. Now 6 years later and $8 million dollars spent in R&D, they are back again with the launch of our second generation of Composite system which is by far, miles ahead of what was launched in 2013. It is more than just a revolution, it’s a complete re-think of how HVAC systems should be design and built.

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