Find the Solution for your Building IAQ Demands, While Meeting the Bottom Line

Since COVID-19, the demand for improved indoor air quality (IAQ) has added new challenges and complexity to product selection in new and existing HVAC systems. Occupants want safer and cleaner air, the reduction of energy, maintenance, and operating costs is still the driving force in design requirements.

Brady has partnered with Dynamic for years in order to provide our customers with the most cost-effective and energy efficient IAQ solutions. Dynamic has a proven track record and over three decades of experience in identifying and solving IAQ issues in a vast range of situations.

Maintaining IAQ has a direct impact on:

  • Health of employees, occupants, and guests.
  • Life and operation of electronics and equipment.
  • Ongoing energy, operating, and maintenance costs.
  • Carbon footprint

In order to reduce the concentrations of airborne pathogens such as SARS-CoV-2, the ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force* recommends determining minimum outdoor airflow rates for ventilation (ASHRAE Standards 62.1) in addition to MERV 13 or better levels of air filtration for air circulated by HVAC systems.

Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning System offers MERV 15 performance with a static pressure drop that saves an average of 1” of static compared to conventional MERV 13 filters. In addition, the Dynamic V8 offers the highest dust-holding capacity on the market. Its high dust-holding capacity translates into a service life that is measured in YEARS instead of months.

Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning System

Dynamic Activated Carbon Matrix System

Dynamic Sterile Sweep® Germicidal UVC System

Offers MERV 15 performance with a very low static pressure resistance and exceptionally high dust holding capacity.

Allows for precise control of gas phase contaminants and offer many advantages over pellet-based systems.

Can be combined with polarized glass media to provide a catch/hold/kill solution to inactivate viruses and pathogens.

* ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force (October, 2021)

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