FläktGroup SEMCO: Dedicated to Providing Specialized, Healthy Air Solutions

Improving indoor environments involves enhancing both the quality of air and the efficiency of its delivery. FläktGroup SEMCO products do just that. It requires specialized skills, broad experience, and technological expertise to address the specific challenges and needs of today.

FläktGroup SEMCO Commercial Products

Air Treatment Solutions

Our complete line of desiccant-based products and systems recover energy, increase ventilation and control humidity. Our products are designed not only to provide energy efficiency, but also overall occupant comfort. FläktGroup SEMCO is dedicated to producing specialized, healthy air solutions.

Energy Recovery Wheels

FläktGroup SEMCO wheels are exceptionally energy efficient products and come in a variety of sizes and capabilities. In conjunction with an energy recovery unit, these wheels help to pre-cool and dehumidify the outdoor air during the cooling season while preheating and humidifying the outdoor air during the heating season. As a result, outdoor air can be raised from 5 to 20 CFM per person without increasing energy costs.


FläktGroup SEMCO offers a wide selection of OEM desiccant wheel products and systems that can increase the performance Trane® units including the Voyager® and Precedent®. These products offer the highest performance, maintain the lowest operating cost, and can be installed in a broad range of applications.

Trane®, Voyager®, and Precedent® are registered trademarks of Trane International Inc.

Chilled Beam Solutions

FläktGroup SEMCO offers a wide range of active and passive chilled beams which combine radiant cooling with conventional overhead ventilation to reduce energy usage, improve comfort levels, and reduce the architectural impact of ductwork and other mechanical systems.