Improving the air quality of our schools is one of the most impactful ways to keep students in the classroom today, and into the post-pandemic future. We frequently hear from leaders in education that challenges with funds can sidetrack making smart, sustainable solutions as it relates to the indoor environment. This reason is why Trane is here to help you solve your funding challenges, whether it is through navigating public funding options or through private options, we can help.

Understand Your Options

Our team can help you navigate public funding, utility rebates, and financing options. Grant money is available through public agencies such as the Department of Education, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Energy and other federal, state, and local entities. Need advice on which Trane products fit their requirements? Just ask.

Make the most of your stimulus funds

Federal and state governments have channeled billions of dollars into supporting school upgrades, and many Brady projects will qualify. K-12 Schools have access to more than $54.3 billion in funding earmarked for learning environment upgrades—including indoor air quality—through the Education Stabilization Fund. Meanwhile, millions of dollars in CARES Act funding are still waiting to be used.  

Private funding options are also available

Trane Integrated Funding Solutions allow you to bundle the cost of an IAQ Assessment, system solutions and even ongoing service into one convenient financing plan. We can make it easy with no out-of-pocket expenses or down payments. Flexible financing structures and payments help make project costs manageable. You may be able to act now and pay later with deferred payments and extended terms.* Options also include tax-exempt lease purchase (TELP), managed service agreements, and energy savings performance contracting.

Stretch dollars further with group purchasing

All Brady products and services are available to public agencies using the Omnia® Partner contracts. This group purchasing organization serves school districts and other educational institutions to help them save money, vet business partners and simplify buying processes.