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Providing a comfortable, safe environment is paramount to student success in the classroom. Providing this environment can be challenging at times due to shrinking budgets, aging facilities, and rising energy costs. High-performance systems and sustainable facilities have become an urgent need for school systems throughout the country. With years of experience helping school systems improve student performance and the bottom line, Brady is the local expert with solutions to help schools achieve their mission of providing an education to students.

Service Offerings

Intelligent Services

Utilizing energy-saving performance contracts, Brady’s Intelligent Services team helps improve sustainability on campuses throughout North Carolina.

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When it is critical to keep your doors open, expert help is never more than a call away. Learn more about our preventative and repair services.

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Integrated Security

Protecting students, faculty, and campus visitors is something Brady Integrated Security does for many clients around the state. Having a fully integrated robust security system that can automate responses during an emergency situation helps ease the minds of every person on campus.

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