Smart Dispatch is the use of data to dispatch technicians more efficiently and effectively. Sounds like a good idea, right?  But how does it work in the real world?  Let’s explore two scenarios: the traditional method of dispatching an HVAC technician and the smart way.

First, The Old Way

Before Smart Dispatch, a customer calls in with a comfort issue and requests a service technician to come out to their site.  The Resource Coordinator checks schedules for the day, determines who is available to take the call, and dispatches a service technician who drives to the site and checks in with the facility manager. 

After getting an idea of the issue, the service technician goes to the problem area and starts to troubleshoot.  The technician finds the issue and sees that it requires a part that he doesn’t have on his truck.  So now, the tech is back in the truck and on the way to the nearest HVAC parts store.  This trip adds at least an hour to the call.  Finally, the tech returns to the site to finish the job, which often ends up being a full day’s work.

Now The Smart Way

Let’s run through that same scenario using Smart Dispatch.  A customer calls in with a comfort issue and requests a service technician to come out to their site.  The Resource Coordinator already knows that this customer has a Brady Blue Box connection at their site and sends the request to the Technical Service Support team at Brady Headquarters. 

A Technical Support Technician remotely looks at the problem area, analyzing how the equipment is operating in real time (and leading up to the issue) to find the root cause.  In many cases, we can solve the problem remotely, saving our customer hundreds or possibly thousands of dollars on service requests!

If a technician is still required onsite, the Technical Support Technician sends their findings to the Resource Coordinator so they are armed with the right information for dispatch.  Using smart service software, the Resource Coordinator quickly locates field technicians with the required skills for the job, then uses GPS to dispatch the closest one.  The Resource Coordinator can also check that technician’s truck stock to ensure that we get the right parts to the job the first time. 

Armed with the troubleshooting information from the Technical Support Technician, our Field Service team can arrive on the job ready to quickly solve your problems.

Smarter. Faster. Better.

Why does Brady have Smart Dispatch? Because it allows us to service our customers more efficiently and effectively. One thing is for sure: once you experience its benefits, you’ll never want to go back.