By Brad Resler

Since you can’t afford to have your building operations interrupted, it’s only natural to want a best-in-class field services provider. Here’s what you should look for to get the service you expect:

Continuous improvement that’s truly continuous. Field services requires extreme attention to detail – and constant fine-tuning. The best companies encourage their associates to identify problems and bottlenecks, then reward them when they help find solutions.

Up-to-date people and equipment. Providing associates with access to relevant ongoing training lets them stay focused and work faster and more efficiently at your site. Current equipment and technology updates are also essential make sure associates are working with technology that supports, not impedes their performance.

The ability to listen. The best field service providers respect and learn from loyal customers. You can be their best sounding board for determining the products and services that companies like yours would appreciate. An ongoing dialog can result in positive changes and a better working relationship.

An empowered team. Technicians, schedulers, call center associates – all should be trained, confident and empowered to make decisions that are in the best interest of their customer at all times. That requires building the right team and equipping them with the tools and technology to do their job well.

Standardized processes. The best field service providers standardize where it matters most to their customers, whether that’s a call for emergency service or an inquiry about an invoice. They standardize processes for work, closing out jobs, and reporting back to the customer. Ease of doing business is always the end goal.

Consistency. It’s always reassuring to see a familiar face or hear a voice you recognize. The best companies offer customers a set group of experts that will be their primary service team. When you know your team, you can have greater confidence in your provider’s level of service.

Transparency. It’s your building. You need to know what’s happening – from your technician’s arrival time (thanks to geofencing) to on-site video monitoring to clear, accurate invoicing.  

Find all these qualities, and your building will be well served. (Plus you’ll sleep better at night.)

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